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Offering 3 levels of safety and operations training to enhance your skills and allow you to offer your customers the peace of mind by showing them you care enough to maintain safety standards of excellence.  From basic to advanced, these courses offer a significant amount of industry wide safety practices and operating procedures.  Accept the best and provide the best.  Each subsequently higher course requires a passing score of the previous course(s).  SIOTO training site is here!

Basic Inflatable Safety & Operations Certification.

The BISOC course is designed as an introductory course developed for current and future operators of basic inflatable's including typical moonwalks or bounce houses, air filled play tunnels and centers and inflated dry/wet slides up to 16 feet in height.  This course takes you through start to finish, including what questions to ask during the reservation process, what hazards to look for during set up, safety checks of the units and a whole lot more.  You'll earn the BISOC certificate and seal after an in depth skill questionnaire with acceptable passing level.  Written, pictorial, schematic and video training accompanies this course.  Training Site!

Advanced Inflatable Safety & Operations Certification.

Finally, the AISOC level for experienced operators and operators entering the world of interactive inflatable's. Items include slides over 16 feet in height, Jacobs ladders and obstacle courses.Bungee runs, jousts, boxing rings and items that usually involve direct person to person contact which may involve personal danger due to the high volatility these games bring with them.  With these particular units being the most controversial it pays to be on top of safety.  Another small skill questionnaire finalizes the 3 part series.  Training Site!

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