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The following is a summary of Wisconsin's regulations as they pertain to the inflatable industry along with links to the actual regulations. There may be city or county regulations as well, check with your local government entity.State contact information is listed at the bottom of the page.


Comm 34.02 Assignment of classification of amusement rides. (p2)
(1) GENERAL.  The department shall classify amusement rides into one of the 4 classifications

Comm 34.03 Amusement ride classifications
(1) CLASS 1.  Class 1 shall consist of amusement rides that are properly designed, constructed and maintained to move passengers in a mild manner.

Note:   Examples of class 1 amusement rides include but are not limited to:
Air Pillow (Moonwalk)

Comm 34.04 Registration of amusement rides. (p. 2 & 3)
(1) GENERAL.  All class 1 and class 2 amusement rides shall be registered annually.
fees shall be paid and the amusement rides shall be registered prior to being opened to the public. All registrations, regardless of date of issuance, shall expire on December 31 of each year.

Comm 34.08
Department inspections.(p.4)
(2) Every amusement ride shall be subject to an inspection at least once per year

Comm 34.09 Fees. (p.4) 
Fees for the registration of amusement rides, plan examination and approvals, inspections, petitions for variance and miscellaneous administrative functions shall be submitted at the time the application for registration or approval is submitted

Comm 34.15 Periodic inspections and operational tests. (p.4) 
The owner shall arrange for all amusement rides to be subjected to periodic inspections and operational tests documented by written records

(2) A visual inspection for defects of the amusement ride shall be made at assembly of the ride.

(3) Amusement rides shall be inspected and their operation tested each day before use by frequenters.

Comm 34.16 Nondestructive tests. (p.4)
(a)  nondestructive tests of all class 1 and class 2 amusement rides shall be performed every 3 years or 3,000 hours of operation, or at testing intervals required by the manufacturer.

(3) The nondestructive test shall be performed by a level II technician or by a professional engineer. The test method and results shall be documented, maintained, and made available to the state

Comm 34.18 Record keeping. (p.4 & 5)
the following records shall be kept and retained by the amusement ride owner
(a)  Inspections at time of assembly
(b)  Daily inspections and operational tests
(c)  Nondestructive tests
(e)  The hours of operation since the last nondestructive test
*The hours of operation should be recorded after each use to maintain a current running total from the last nondestructive test.

An authorized person shall sign the records to attest to their accuracy.

Records for at least the 30 previous days of operation and the most recent nondestructive tests shall be kept with the amusement ride.

All records shall be kept at least 7 years.

Comm 34.41 Accident reporting
Injuries to frequenters caused by amusement rides that require more than first aid treatment shall be reported by the owner within 2 business days of the injury.

Contact Information
Department of Commerce
Public Sector Safety & Mines
P.O. Box 2538
201 W. Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53701-2538
TELEPHONE: (608) 261-2503
FAX: (608) 267-9723


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