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The following is a summary of Oklahoma's regulations as they pertain to the inflatable industry along with links to the actual regulations. There may be city or county regulations as well, check with your local government entity. State contact information is listed at the bottom of the page.

Section 460.2 - Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair Records.

the owner of an amusement ride shall maintain up-to-date maintenance, inspection, and repair records

Section 460.3 - Signage

An amusement ride owner shall display signs indicating the applicable safety responsibilities of riders

a legend providing that
"State law requires riders to obey all warnings and directions for this ride and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injuring themselves or others. Failure to comply is punishable by fine and imprisonment."

Section 462 - Certificate Of Inspection - Inspections.

No person shall operate an amusement ride without a certificate of inspection  applied for on or before March 1 of each year

Section 467 - Liability Insurance.

No person shall operate an amusement ride unless at the time there exists a policy of insurance in an amount of not less than One Million Dollars. 

Inflatable Amusement Ride/Device Inspection Criteria

Ride Design

  1. All air supported structures shall meet the requirements as outlined in ASTM-F-1159.
  2. No toy grade air supported structures shall be allowed for use as a rental device.

Tie Downs

  1. All air supported devices shall be anchored per manufacturers requirements.
  2. All ground stakes/anchors shall be of sufficient depth to prevent movement of the device at the maximum allowed operational wind speed.
  3. No more than two tie down ropes shall be attached to any one tie down stake/anchor.
  4. All tie down ropes/straps attached to the device must be used.
  5. In lieu of tie down stakes/anchors, a minimum of 75 lbs weight must be attached to each tie down. The weight used shall be of sufficient amount to prevent movement of the device at the maximum allowed operational wind speed.
  6. In lieu of tie down stakes/anchors, sand bags, water barrels, metal weights may be used.

No concrete or cinder blocks will be allowed.

7 . No tie downs to motor vehicles shall be allowed.

8. Ropes, tethers and tie downs shall be sufficiently strong enough to prevent breakage. The recommended size is " solid-braided polypropylene with a tensile strength of 3700 or 370 lb test rated.


  1. Each device shall have the proper number of blowers and proper horse power as stated in themanufacturers specifications.
  2. Each blower shall be of the proper horse power to properly maintain inflation of the device. All blowers, extension cords, electrical boxes shall meet the requirements of the most current National Electrical Code.
  3. All blowers shall have a Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI) in the circuit.


  1. Structures shall not have any tears that would allow the structure to deflate.
  2. Structures shall be free of any slip or trip hazards.
  3. Duct tape shall not be allowed to make any major repair to a structure.
  4. Structures shall be of a design that prevents the structure from collapsing rapidly onto a patron during a power failure.


  1. The owner/operator shall document that the device is inspected daily before operation. A log shall be maintained indicating any repairs made.
  2. The owner/operator shall provide a sufficient number of operators to insure safe operation.
  3. The owner/operator shall have an emergency action plan in place to cover accidents/incidents, foul weather, guest illness. All operators shall be trained in this plan.
  4. On outdoor operations, an Inflatable shall not operate when weather conditions make operations unsafe, i.e. high winds, thunderstorms. An Inflatable shall not be operated in wind speeds above the manufacturers guidelines.
  5. All staff shall be identifiable by uniform or tag.
  6. Signage with the rules of the Inflatable shall be placed at the entrance or shall be provided in each renters packet. These rules shall include all rules recommended by the manufacturer of the Inflatable as well as all signage required by the Oklahoma Department of Labor. The signage shall include but is not limited to any minimum or maximum height and/or weight.

In addition to the above guidelines, the owner of a rental Inflatable Amusement Device shall maintain and provide to the Oklahoma Department of Labor proof of the following upon request:

  1. A training program for the renter, to provide for the proper operation of the device.
  2. A copy of the operation's manual and/or videos, used as training manuals for each rental period.
  3. A signed statement by each renter documenting he/she has received and understands the proper operating procedures and the rules and regulations pertaining to the device rented.
  4. The name of the rental company shall be displayed on each rental Inflatable Amusement Device.
  5. Proof of insurance for all rental Inflatable Amusement Devices.
Contact Information
Safety Standards Division
State Department of Labor
4001 N. Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-5212
TELEPHONE: (405) 528-1500 ext. 242
FAX: (405) 528-5751 and (405) 525-0252


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