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This start up guide is just a basic guide to get you started in your inflatable rental business.  While not as in depth as you would want or expect, you have to consider ALL of the other content located through-out the site.  Altogether this is one, if not the most comprehensive website designed for inflatable rental companies. 


Terminology Income Chart
Some basics to get you started.  If you have as much information as you can possibly obtain, then you can tell yourself with confidence that you made an informed decision.  Complimented with the rest of the site you'll uncover more information than you probably ever thought was available.  And, we are adding more information all the time so check back often for more. Don't be afraid to ask!  When I started I didn't know a combo from a slide from a bounce from an interactive from a hole in the ground.  What's this/  What's that?  What are they talking about?  Would you believe this industry even uses "Cornholes?" and they are not what you think they are.  Brush up and understand what's being talked about.  We even make it easy with pictures. This chart is used for showing you the potential income you could earn in the inflatable party rental business with moonwalks alone.  Please keep in mind this is just a guide and numerous market specific factors such as insurance, location, length of season and rental rates can make a big difference in earnings.  Take a quick look and see what you can really make.

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