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Can I use bleach? (no).  What about a vacuum?  Do pressure washers hurt the units?  How do I store them over the winter?  What do I have to do after I take them out for the season?  Learn some great maintenance tips & tricks right here, tried and proven by some of the industry's best.

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Customers love a clean unit, and appreciate the fact that you willingly provide them with one.  From spot cleaning to thorough cleanings inside and out you'll find the info you need right here.  Some do's some don'ts and a few extras in between. We all have to make sure our customers receive the best unit they can, and with periodic inspections being important in order to maintain a good inventory of serviceable units learn what to look for, what the trouble signs are, and what to expect from equipment failure. Unfortunately those of us in unseasonable climates have to shorten our rental seasons due to the various weather conditions across the nation.  It may be a that an item you have only gets used every couple of months.  Proper storage techniques are discussed here.

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