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No one single entity can provide you with all of the information you desire.  Although we try very hard here at Moonwalk Forum, we have identified some outside sources including government entities who can provide you with even more information.  Each organization offers something unique to the industry.  Fire standards, material standards, safety regulations, membership roles and more are offered by these great organizations.



The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions is probably the leading professional organization associated with the inflatable industry.  working hand in hand with the IIPGA. The site has areas for both member and non-member content offering some great insight, advice and tips.

The American Rental Association while not as involved in inflatables as other groups still offers information related to the industry and provides insight into add on items such as tables, tents, chairs, you name it.  Great resource for find new items to add to your inventory.



International Inflatable Products and Games Association is hand in hand with IAAPA providing some of the best resources the inflatable industry has to offer.  A lot of links and good information to be found on this site.  Tips, tricks and training to help you succeed.

American Society for Testing and Materials is now known as ASTM international.  Dictating the appropriate use of materials in various applications to insure high quality, safe, reliable products.  The ASTM has the F24 committee geared specifically for inflatables.



The National Fire Protection Association is geared towards safety by proving strict standards in relationship to material flash points, burn time and effects from burning materials.  When children are involved we can't play with fire.

The Consumer Product Safety Committee offers guidelines and bulletins regarding the safety level of products, recall notices and safety bulletins.  In the absence of manufacturer manuals they offer some great guidelines.



The National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials. While this organization is primarily geared toward the hard ride industry, with inspectors located in each state, the recent onset of accidents has prompted many states to consider heavy regulation of the industry.  A very safety oriented site.

Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers is an international, non-profit trade association which is primarily for ride designers and other industry vendors. larger operators may find a lot of good useful links in this site, along with suppliers of items such as games, prizes, etc..



Outdoor Amusement Business Association is primarily carnival and fair related however has some very good content concerning midway style games and various concessions from popcorn to elephant ears and more.


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