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Tents, tables and chairs.  Some companies rent nothing but these great items and have outstanding businesses from doing so.  Why not add some to your inventory and make some extra money?  People love it when you can provide a total solution to their event needs in order to reduce their hassle of dealing with multiple companies.  Many styles and as many prices as there are styles.  Make sure you purchase quality that will hold up to the rental industry.

http://www.acecanopy.com/ http://www.mccourtmfg.com/
http://store.yahoo.com/misterlandscaper/mlyelcenstri.html http://www.excelseat.com/products-folding_chair_705.htm
http://ezupdirect.com/ http://www.anchorinc.com/
http://www.toptecinc.com/ http://www.ezup.com/
http://www.tentnology.com/main.html http://www.buyshade.com
http://www.wssl.com http://www.chillinproducts.com/

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