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LLC, Corporation, taxes, accounting, and a whole lot more we really don't want to do, LOL.  These agencies/companies would be glad to do the paperwork and messy stuff for you.  Make your job easier and spend your valuable time  where it matters most.  These companies all provide the same basic services, and fee's may vary depending on whether its an LLC filing, or Corporate filing.  Fee's also vary due to the different fee's each state charges.

http://www.llcweb.com/  http://www.sullivan-ward.com/news_details.asp?MID=13
Great explanation of the different companies you can form, LLC, inc., sub S, etc..  Offers a Do it yourself kit. Information only, good resource to research the differences, learn the terms.
www.llc.com http://www.inc-it-now.com/whyincorporate1.htm
Will form your LLC or Inc. in any state.  Two packages available. Online calculator to give you instant quote. Fast, easy, online filing, complete packages including corporate seal, good deal here.
http://www.bizfilings.com/ http://www.instacorp.com/index.cfm
Online, 3 different packages, decent deals, any state, LLC, Inc., and non-profit. Very Professional, want you to call though, no online pricing that I could find easily.
http://yourincorporation.com/ http://www.incplan.net/
LLC, Non-prof, Inc, reviewed by attorney, includes fed and state tax filings. Free corporate name search, pfd sheets of good info and sources, online filing, good info on differences.
http://www.form-a-corp.com/def_llc.php http://www.ailcorp.com/?pcode=G
Lot of good information, can be done online, costs available immediately, check it out. Google discount of 25 dollars, form online, very reasonable prices and good descriptions.
Inexpensive, watch for the extras though, all states, completely online.  

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