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At some point in time you may need to acquire credit card processing to accept payments.  Many different offerings as well as pricing structures.  Desk top computer processing to high end cell phones with built in card swipes and receipt printers.  Check them out, you'll never know when you might need one.  Each company has its own fee structures based on information you provide.  Transaction costs may be one flat rate, or may depend on amount of revenue you generate each month.  Some provide free software, free equipment and others charge so be thorough in your decision.

http://www.renterval.com http://www.propay.com
Get a real rental website that processes your credit cards for you! Mostly online access, rates vary by volume.
http://www.charge.com/ https://www.paymentonline.com/
Free software, check processing and more. Shopping cart systems, subscription services, etc..
http://www.goemerchant.com/ http://www.paynetsystems.com/
Various programs, free online demo. Desk top, cellphone, terminals and more.
http://www.nabancard.com/google/index.php?source=4837 http://www.eaglemerchantservices.com/
Buy, lease equipment, low service charge rates. Low prices, no annual fee, low rates.
http://www.itransact.com/ http://www.monstermerchantaccount.com/
Internet based, low fee's, easy to use. Low fee's low start up cost, free softawre.
If ya gotta do by cell phone, this is it.  

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