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Ladder Golf


Start the game by marking a toss line 5 paces or 15 feet away from the ladder.

Players take turns tossing their three bolas.

One player must toss all 3 bolas, individually, before the next player begins.

The winner of each round starts the next round.

Players are encouraged to knock other player's bolas off the ladder.

Only bolas remaining on the ladder at the end of each round count.

Points for each round are totaled after all players have completed their turns.

In order to win a player must be the only one to score EXACTLY 21 at the end of a round.

If a player goes over 21 their points for that round do not count.

In the case of a tie, play continues until one player finishes a round with 2 points more than the other player.


bottom rung=1

middle rung=2

top rung=3

all 3 bolas on same rung=1 bonus point

1 bola on each rung (1,2,3)=1 bonus point


NEVER swing/toss bolas at anything or anyone other than the ladder.

DO NOT pull or play tug-a-war with the bolas, this could cause them to come apart during game play.

DO NOT wrap the bola around any body parts.

DO NOT stand/climb on the ladder.

Adult supervision is required AT ALL TIMES.

Ladder Golf rules provided courtesy of Ladder Golf, LLC

Copyright 2005, Moonwalk Forum, Division of Boomerang Amusements LLC