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How do you play the games you have?  What about games to play in the units?  Find printable rules for most of the common games and tips and tricks for your customers to use to make their rental experience even more enjoyable.  Share your game rules with other members!  Games are an integral part of any moonwalk business or party rental business with inflatable bounce house units.

Bocce Ball Corn Hole Disc Golf
Ladder Golf Over/Under Bean Bag Toss
Frisbee Toss Tic-Tac-Toe Plinko
Wacky Wire Football Tosses Baseball Tosses
Tin Can Smash Ring Toss Bottle Stands
Break-A-Plate Cat Racks Duck Ponds
Milk Bottles Ring-A-Bottle Cover The Spot
Dart Toss Basketball Shoot Frog or Duck Launch
Lolli-Pop Pick Lucky Wheel Krazy Ball
Roller Bowler Milk Can Toss Bushel Basket Toss
Speed Pitch Soccer Kick Boom Blaster

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