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The 2 cornhole boxes are set across from each other so that their holes are 30 feet apart.

An imaginary line is drawn along the front of each box continuing in each direction.

Players take turns throwing 1 bag at a time at the opposite player/team's box.

Players may throw from anywhere behind the foul line.

The score is taken after each round.

The first player/team to reach 21 points wins.


bag that goes through the hole=3

bag that lands on the box=1

bag that is hanging into the hole=1

bag that is hanging off the edge of the box but not touching the ground=1

bag that is on the box, but also touching the ground=0

bag that is hanging off the front edge and is resting on a bag that is on the ground=0

The team with the highest round score, adds the difference of the two scores to their game score.

SCORING EXAMPLE-1st throw: Team A throws and it lands on the ramp, team B throws and it goes through the hole. 2nd throw: A goes through hole, B lands on ramp. 3rd throw: A lands on ramp knocking team Bs 2nd throw into hole, B lands on the ground.4th throw: A lands on ramp, B lands on ramp knocking As 1st throw onto ground. A gets 5 pts and B gets 7 for the round, so B adds 7-5 = 2 pts to their game score and has honors for the next round.   


NEVER throw your bag unless it is your turn.

DO NOT throw your bags at anything other than the cornhole box.

Adult supervision is required AT ALL TIMES.

Official Rules provided by the Cornhole Game Association -The official bean bag game association

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