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Bocce Ball


The game starts with the first player tossing/rolling the pallino at least halfway down the playing field.

The same player then tosses/rolls 1 ball as close to the pallino as possible.

Next, Player/team 2 tries to toss/roll their ball closer to the pallino than player/team 1's ball.

Player/team 2 tosses/rolls until they either get a ball closer to the pallino or run out of balls.

Then Player/team 1 tosses/rolls again.

Play continues until all balls have been used.

Opposing player's ball may be knocked away from the pallino in order to increase your score.

The team who scores starts the next round.

The first player/team to score 12 points wins.

Players/teams must win by 2 points.


Scores are determined at the end of each round.

Only the player/team closest to the pallino scores.

1 point  is scored for each ball closer to the pallino than the opposing player/team's closest ball.


NEVER toss balls at anything or anyone.

Adult supervision is required AT ALL TIMES.

Bocce Ball rules provided courtesy of iBocce.com

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