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Bean Bag Toss

Object:  Toss the bean bags into the targets to score goals.

Skill Level: Easy to hard


1.  The player is given 3 bean to use during game play.

2.  Children stand 3-4 feet away, teens/adults 7-8 feet away.

3.  The bean bags are thrown at the targets one at a time.

4.  The bean bag is scored as a hit if it lands within the target OR rests on the rim of the target.

5.  A miss is scored when the bean falls to the ground.

6.  Scoring may be adjusted to change the level of difficulty.

7.  For small children 1 bean can be scored as a win.

8.  For older children, two bean bags should be considered a win.

9.  Adults must score all three as hits in order to win.

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