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Moonwalk Forum Advertising Info!

You might ask yourself  "Can I afford to advertise on MWF?"  The more important question should be "Can I afford NOT to?"  In our opinion you can't afford to miss this opportunity.  MWF offers one of the best advertising choices you could ever make. Here's just a few reasons why:

1. The ads that appear on MWF are specific to the party/event industry just like the targeted audience that sees them.
2. Your ad campaign lasts 1 full year so there are no weekly or monthly hassles involved with your campaign.
3. Many businesses reach a whole new audience and increase business revenue using MWF.
4. With tens of thousands of ad impressions your company is continuously branded throughout the year. Viewers become familiar with you and remember you.
5. Chances are your competition is already one of our advertisers.
6. It just makes good business sense.

Cost Comparisons

The MWF offers you a lot more bang for your buck compared to most other forms of advertising. We provide value for your advertising dollars.

1.  Magazine ads generally run a minimum of $1,000 and typically thousands.  Usually read once then discarded.
2.  Trade show floor space runs thousands after calculating space, air fare, labor, marketing materials, etc..
3.  Search engine ad words are generally wasted on views by non-industry related users.
4.  Mail campaigns are costly after printing and postage costs.

The cost of a 1 year ad campaign on MWF is less expensive than all of these options.  Plus throughout the year you brand your company and products and build a relationship with industry specific buyers.  Advertisers can experience over 100,000 banner views or more each year.

Large Banners

We allow you the opportunity to post large, attention grabbing banners which are 550X130 pixels in size at a resolution of 72DPI.  These larger banners are easily noticeable and are presented randomly at the top of each and every page of the forum.  They can be jpeg, gif, animated gif or flash files.  You provide us with the artwork, or we can create basic gif and jpg banners for a small fee.


Banner Campaign.

1 banner for 12 months only $350

2 banners for 12 months only $575

3 banners for 12 months only $750.

E-mail Campaign.

This is a short term solution.  If you have a product or special to introduce we will send all our members an e-mail and place a 30 day announcement on the forum under sponsor section at the cost of $100 per event.  Yearly Advertisers pay only $25 for this service.  This is a per event cost, not a yearly service fee. The BlastPak for Yearly Advertisers gives you 25 blasts at a cost of only $250

For more info or to advertise please contact us at boomerangamusements@yahoo.com

You can pay for your campaign with Debit/Credit Card using these pay buttons, no paypal account required.

1 Banner for 12 months. $350
2 Banners for 12 months $575
3 Banners for 12 months $750
Non Sponsor e-mail blast $100
Sponsor e-mail blast $25
Sponsor e-mail blastpak (25 per year) $250.00

We will e-mail you to gather any other info we may need.

Thank you!


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